Lust ed

You knew where to find me,
Underneath your sheet,
Beneath your perspiration
And us together, still beat

Faster and stronger,
You knew where to lose me.
Behind that doesn’t matter
We bended our knees.

Lasted long enough,
Time had to come,
Then Time does not exist someone said,
What we have become?


Come as you are

Don’t change.
That contained memories
Of your friend,
Of their enemies.

As you were, whatever
Running away from run
Time is gone, forever
Watched it burn.
Don’t change
I live there, our mornings.
Sunshine on you face
Yellow, orange, and those green
I am gone, now a rock.
Rolling only inside you
You are broken, leaking me
Hold your self, be you.


Society I couldn’t be yours,
Comrades, neither I belong to you
Fighters, I am giving up
Earth, when I was new?
Mother, no ownership I ever had
Sister, now I do not exist
Learner my teachers are dead


Two brothers
Or one of them were not.
Died at last
For war they fought.

Two lives,
Is shattered now,
Scattered across the universe
Living low.
Playing dead
Burning crashing, crashing
All the dear they hold now smashing

Two brothers.

Two brothers,
One of them returned
Like the prodigal son.
But which one?

Nobody cared,
All the rage they shared,
Was gone like flames
Like war,
There was another pair
Of two brothers.