It’s been six month now, and I was wondering how many lives I have saved. And how many times I have been mocked for this.

Thank you, Brother, where ever you are, inside my conscience. I would not have valued life like this without you. Or with you.

After a year, since my brother past away, I realised what death is, I know a bit late, I lot late maybe. Or maybe I was not thinking about other possibilities, I wasn’t thinking about lives I could have saved instead mourning about one life. But eventually I did. Not many people does so. I stopped eating meat. Suddenly chicken soup seemed like dead corpses, boiled with spices. Suddenly it seems my one worthless life is too much of too much to kill so many so many lives just for taste.

Now when I think, how can people eat dead bodies, kill for tasty food, when I go back to my omnivore days. Only thing brothers me I was like other people, and try to judge my older self. Was I unaware of death? Or enjoying the ignorance, people aren’t really born until one day the do born. Until one day they evolve.



I know you don’t exist
In my every pleasure
I find from you.
But still you do.

You know I am here, in your existence
Like the planet you try to look at,
Yet to discover.
Till then I am not there
Till then I am not here.