sometimes I wonder

How many times

I talked With how many people

And never tell anything

About everything

How many people know

A version of me

Which doesn’t exist


I said nothing

Or something consists

One or two words

Giving a meaning of something else

“I don’t like talking”

Perhaps I said

And people ran away

I should have finished Saying

“I will listen

I will feel

And we will untalk

When no words left”

Or maybe it’s better this way

This way I can wait

For some people

Who will ask me

“Then what do you like?”



I am beautiful

We moved

Love became hook ups

Marriages temporary

Divorce is easier now

It’s a good thing though

How we can easily decide

When to stay and when to go

Not bothering anything

As we are independent

We grew up

Evolution of love

One thing didn’t change

“You are beautiful”

One thing

The ultimate catch phrase

Never touching my heart

Or mind

Outer beauty

The biggest thing in love


Now the biggest thing In fling

“You are beautiful”

I shut myself down

To hide those parts

Which I think aren’t beautiful

For your eyes

And all those beauty

In my heart

I have locked that too

It’s not gonna matter



Somewhere, sometimes

The train was stuck

In between two stations

For hours

Some emergencies might have happened

Few decided to get down

On railway tracks

And walk

Few stayed
There’s no right or wrong

In decisions

Either of them made

Only a train

The train doesn’t care

About us

People in train 

Or people in tracks

It moves

Like life

And we fools

Think we made the right decision

We stayed
I wanted to get down

I wanted to have a smoke

I will always regret

About all the wrong decisions

I haven’t even made.

I made home.


Cycle is a beautiful thing

Two wheels 

How it’s balancing 

Three or four wheels

I can understand that

But two,

Like love
I once saw an old man

Riding his bicycle


where I remembered him


I wanted to write about him

My favorite bicycle man

But let it be

Sometimes words aren’t enough

Nor a place.

Rajarhat, new job

It takes more than three hours too reach

I didn’t sign for this

Changing two trains

Three autos

Sometimes four

A place

Graveyard of greens

Not even a headstone

We are all in born Nazis

Keep cleaning

For an Utopia

The Noble race

And there was Sun

Going down

Done for the day

In the horizon

Same color
Like the girl 

In red

Doodle gig

In a loud bass player

In front of a microphone

Through speakers

Poetry sounds like sound

Noise isn’t my poetry

My poems

Are for dawn

When I wake up

And beside your soundless sleepy flesh

There it is

The scribble of words

You were too tired 

To put it in your existence

The scribble which will never make

In the final copy 

That is my poetry
It’s night

I must go back home

Kitten love

I was reading something

I don’t remember why 

Or what exactly

Something about some people

Falling in love 

In casual sex

And planning future

Seeing kids

How easily people can love

It’s beautiful

Loving people like little kittens

I just saw in the street.

The easiest love 

Must be so hard

And here I am

Hard to love

Easy to let anything go

And everything

Making my life harder

Thinking about others

Without knowing

Without love
I think I should pick the kitten up

Meat processing

While packing things up

First thing comes in my mind 

Is my papers

Passport, IDs

School college results


Some prescriptions

And reports.

Whilst packing 

Because I don’t fit in

And I am the bad child

Worst human being

Like my school results

Somehow kept going

I found my college certificate

In bold letters


After three years 

I noticed that 

That much I care about

A degree.
Like a bad child

My choice of education was bad too

That spoiled me

Destroyed me

Gave me a place

To fit in

Which I wasn’t supposed to

What a bad decision they made

My parents

By letting me

And like a worst human being

How proud I am

Suddenly of my FIRST CLASS

I wasn’t a bad student

Nor a bad kid

Or a bad human

I am just a human

Stuck in Utopia

Of processed living meat.

Truth doesn’t exist in words

Sometimes you will find people

Who speaks truth

You will love them

Try to trust them

Go closer

Day by day

To know the hardest truth.
Sometimes some people

Will tell you the truth

Only to keep bigger lies inside

Never letting it out

Never in words

The lies

Lie in actions

Of Truth