Regardless of everything, which I knew.
All seemed very few
Around you.
And my crime.

Regardless of everything I did,
You are all I need.
Maybe I planted devil’s seed.
Lost in time.

Restless swimming,
for one tiny land.
Dreamt of resting upon your breasts,
Around your caressing hand.

All of kingly need.
All of cruel greed.
Death will conquer all.
But my soul.

Travelling through lights,
Travelling through time.
Keeping you safer than ever.
Keeping you prime.


Sister of Dream

Into the darkness, when it doesn’t feel scary.
Into the Blue, and no one there to save, enchanting fairy.
Open that door was, who knows, wrong or right.
Open that door was, I didn’t have the strength to fight.

I open up. Like a blooming flower,
but a little bit fast.
I open up, like a mistress of lover.
With full of lust.

Who knew, you were beast or saviour.
I never care, I never fear.

Open that heart was, too dark to match the colour.
And I open up.. Open up
Like a mistress..

I don’t want the sun, hidden in your arms.
I don’t want them; good, and everything was my lucky charms.

I wouldn’t wanna crumble through life in lights anymore.
Who cares.
I wouldn’t wanna know what lies in dusts of sun flares.

Or you tell me, Things and brothers.
Tell me when they disappear.
And my hands are empty, eyes without tears.

Who are you to come.
Who are to hold my hand.
If now or when this journey begun?
“another day, behold the rising sun”


This is my nakedness, this is a little bit of me, my inside, my actual shapes and sizes.

This is me underneath, not all, and not for all, not for everyone to understand, not everything for everyone. Or may be, It is for me, the only person keep this alive. til ashes and dust.

miss you Bhai. x