For whom it may concern

Here I shall say good night.
Like last time.
Adieu my love, for I welcome you
Again in memories and crimes.

Here again,
words meant nothing to you.
All those warm embrace,
I still remember a few.

My silence,
would be the best flower,
I could put on your grave.
Still the wordly desire.

Forgive me my love.
Forgive the bodily rest
Turned into your wake.
The pain still harvest.



They gave me a doll.
She had golden hair and blue eyes
I played with her at morning
Slept with her at night.
I fall in love
Standing front of a rehab.

I found her one day.
In flesh, golden hair, blue eyes.
We looked as each other
Hold hands, kisses and happy smile
We fall in love.
Standing front of a rehab.

They asked me what’s wrong.
I didn’t know what to say.
I looked inside, of my Doll
Didn’t find the thing matters most.
Didn’t know whom I suppose to choose
I fall in love.
The small window of my rehab.


Removed my broken bones,
Bruised heart.
Removed my eyes,
Wiped out the tears.
Unlocked my dying soul,
For you.
Never wanted to be happy
With you.
Just wanted to be me.
Put back my bruised heart,
I know it will hurt.
Fix my broken bones
And give me back my eyes.
I am ready to cry.
Never wanted to be happy with you.
I am ready to try.
If the pain exist forever,
If eternity is darkness
Hurt me, make me whole again,
Make me endless.