Cars, all stopped.
Deserted road.
Playing Bach.
Some yet to die batteries
Rain, blood rain.
Bedded with green small trees, grass here and there.
“all clear”

People were running somewhere
Died on the way.
Thus the rain.
She was looking.
From the marooned earth.

Like she knew.
Enjoying the view.
Death my dear is inevitable.
Alas the beauty of it,
The vulnerable cleanness.
We run from it.
The truth is predictable.
Run along, she will come.
As your curse as your bless.

And the Music continues.
Last music of earth.
Getting ready
For another birth.



What is left of her?
Memories ache, of betrayal.
I lied, she trusted.
Nothing but denial.

“I didn’t know her”
Now I am hiding, protecting.
Honouring? Or scared.
To let her face my demon, levitating.

The blood, I saw next morning.
My hands, I knew it was, though it wasn’t.
Night was warmer, daylight burns me. Til now.
Never started living, we died, but didn’t.

Not only gender equality

I was wondering, I wonder sometimes, when I think about my past relationship, and the way it ended, and pitied my former boyfriend’s family and there thoughts. I never thought about my own.

My former boyfriend left me, because his mother thought I am black, her son was more fair skins and certainly more beautiful than me, so he deserved someone better than me. Then some drama begun, like revoking his mobile access, changing his college, and some pointless lie from my former boyfriend, like “my voter Card is at police head quarter” “I have to leave you for your own good because I will die in one year, I have been diagnosed with hole in the heart” and all.
Well, however, it ended, I thanked the time, that it ended, if it wouldn’t have, I had to loose my career, my personality, my dignity, my happiness with a family like this. Now after 4 or more years, I wonder, what my family did when I told them first I am seeing a guy!

They were with their terms as well, “what is his surname?”
I replied “Saha”
“saha? Huh! You didn’t get any other boy or what? You know what they are? They are local drink sellers, hooch sellers”
I protested, “no! They are from East bengal! Bangladesh! Dhaka!”
“oh, bangal? Then okay, how did you come to know him?”

So this was my family, that was their terms. Terms as horrible as my former boyfriend’s family’s.

I don’t know whom to pity more, so cruel and so intertwined our hypocrite society is, that if we are to blame someone, we have to start from our own mother and father, who were supposed be our idols, our teachers, our philosopher and guides.

The people we trust and love blindly, which we even suppose to do, are they wise enough? Wise enough to teach us the every possible value of being a human?

John doe

Someone suddenly materialised around us,
taking back and forth in time.
Someone far away from home.
Burdened with undone crime.

Someone makes us wait.
For some moments
Forever, sometimes,
Forgets us, and flowery scents.
Faded away, or does it ever,
When we look up,
Our lucky star.
We all remember.
Some, runs away, holding our hands.
Through firewalls, through clouds and tears,
Another kind of promised land.

What is next? Whilst we rest
But the living is precious.
Get out of the box, look through doors,
That someone is us.