I will go million miles away
And then come back.
You can take it or leave
That’s how I love like.

I will fail thousand time
To call you
I will go to jail, kill some
Build some new.

You can take it or leave
But That’s my life.

You might go to east
Sleep at northan valley stargazing.
I am new every time,every thing is old
Except a new beginning

I saw that guy playing guitar
Under a shining star.
He knew my name which wasn’t mine.
He knew my pain because I am fine.

He knew I died so I am living now
He knew I will run so we have taken a vow.

Under the sun
Before I run.
Under the star
Before I am gone
And the previous night.
Ended with light.


Some million bucks

Yeah you paid me.
The prostitute I am right now.
In daylight, waiting for the transportation.
Yeah you must have taken the vow.

No I didn’t satisfy.
The broken Chinese doll,
Some books about aching heart
Of women’s soul.
I didn’t read
Nor fixed the head.
Empty in affections
To much of protection
And some unsolvable crimes
Neither I committed
Nor I suffer.
I can walk now, roads parted.
Death is the beginning,
Of how to die.


When the time will come.
And I will die.
You might get a proper chance
To say goodbye.
And they will say I became a star.
A star up there.
No will will ever know it burns.
Until your turn.

I hope you know
How to find me.
I don’t know where
I lost my key.
Down in the river
When I was looking for land
Maybe forever
Shattered my castle of sand.

If you could see
now where to find me.
Everything is gone
Soon is your turn.
I left a sunrise for you there.
And left a gun.


Those nights I couldn’t sleep.
Dreams I wished to believe.
Those days I tried to escape.
Hidden under Dark cape.
Now I am king
People would sing
Of my songs for my best.
Unknown where my soul rest.
Somewhere next to the river
Where we divided forever.
Somewhere below the tree
Where you rest all free.
Somewhere in that cave.
Where we couldn’t behave.
Somewhere in time.
In first of my crime.


All the pain, all the glory
All of love and confusion.
I will store, I will save
In temporal dimension.

All of me, what I see.
All of what I could not be.
Come back and change the history
You and me. You and me.

Little bit of same I want.
Little bit of change I can’t.
And All of my life
Saved in time.
All of my time.
Lost in translation.
Scattered across direction.
Shattered with emotion.
Scatter with scars.
Or I am going back to stars.
Or I am going back to stars.

All the grip I couldn’t escape
Every death I couldn’t save
Dream desire.
dream and desire
I though the gravity devour.
Every paces I never took.
Written on this book.
Saved in dimension.
Time to crunch the motion.
Hold on tight.
There will be light.


Never said anything before
Instructions of life.
Never more.
And hidden from your light
I had to fight.
Fight for the core.

Never lived life before,
Slave of your thought.
Looking for the cure now.
Untying the knot.

Never will blame you for
Every scar of your course.
Never will blame you for
Every bruise of your force.

I am guilty of your choice
So here died my voice.
You can say I am coward.
It’s choice meant to be hard.
Before I run.
The thousand sun
May hide their faces.
When I run.
When I run.

I can live with nights
The darkness and cold.
Warmth is burning my flesh
So long kept untold.
When I run.
The father’s son.
From your heaven.
From your eden.
You can hide.
I had a devil inside
Sleeping so long
Now singing my death song.


I would not have loved you.
But your words are morphine.
Blood I loved to see, was for you.
Or I would have hated my skin.

Then you stand by me.
You didn’t know.
And I looked at you with love
But couldn’t show.

And your air.
Symbols passing by
I looked up the stars
Dream sky high.
And you air..
Like fire
Burnt my soul.
You saved me from life.
Made a hole inside.
To let it go.
To let it go.
To let it fly.
My life.

Once in a million year
You and I were the killer.
And searched for the aching heart.
We destroyed, and learnt.
It will come back.
They will torture and blame.
the god and the devil
I kind of believe are same.
I had to run.
I had to lose.
You couldn’t come
Death, did you choose?
Where am I? Where am I?
My existence, can I deny?
Truth doesn’t make sense,
All you believe is lie.

You could have hated me.
And burn me in your paradise.
Undead over my grave you sing.
And I can’t hear,
six feet under.
Locked in cascade.
Undead. Undead.
I had to pay the price.


Sometimes you just have to let it go.
Because you want to believe it so.

Sometimes you have win the war.
Because loosing is so not fair.

And we, crawl back to the day,
When you and I, and the swamp and bay.

Where washed out our portrait of sand.
From the land, form the land,
From the land.

We, lost again.
In between hell and heaven.