Day Five

The very last day I went to work. And the very first day, I understood, people are nasty, nasty by their thought, And that thought does not come from social class, or religious view, or gender. It is just some people, they are so rotten and shallow, that we hardly imagine.

The designer of the workshop I was working at, I saw her for the first time after joining. And the first thing she asked from me, is show what did you do in this four days.

and the last thing she said was, if you want to sit here (the designer’s room) I am going to kick you out of the workshop.

And then she left.

I asked the manager, for the 5th and last time, what do I have to do? and he said, “do you not know? have you never worked anywhere before?” the very same man who introduced me with the company and said, seat, and observe how does it work. that same man asked me, to an Intern, have I never worked anywhere!

that night, when I was returning, from that narrow, unhealthy Muslim populated road, I felt safest. this people, look at me, and then I knew, they look at me with care and respect, this road talks about me, but never touched a tiny bit of me. this little street light is warmer than big bright CFLs. and the smell of that dirty locality is not the smell of the people, its the smell of our stinking thoughts, which we throw towards them, and they live with it, without objection, without hesitation, with a big warm smile.