Much more,
there are much more.
Where I am stopping,
waiting another door.
I wasn’t born even,
and we did born together.
Never knew you, never see you
My fellow traveller.
My story, end there.
For another.
But the light is still travelling,
To reach you.
Ignite is still in the air,
To burn you.
To build upon our ashes.
Love, never or ever after.



Mind is in motion,
Repeating, those yellow
When it is gone.
And all the hollow.

Time and moment,
Right now, right here,
Doesn’t match,
I couldn’t care.

Blues of his eyes,
My dark black one shaded
He lives there, til times stay.
Or till memories faded.

Love, would stay,
Pain shall play, it’s part.
Life would die and so we all are.
Time to time, dust to dust.