Mother died a long time ago


The one single word

Has so much power

You want to forgive

You want to forget

But it’s hard

For a brain which doesn’t forget

He never had one

He said when I was a kid

I had his mother’s nose

Maa, he called me

I could listen to his voice

In his absence

In his presence 

I could bend the hell

With my tiny hands

I was his maa after all
Long nights passed

And never ending days

I am not his maa anymore

Then he said maa


Not addressing me

But in pain

Of viral fever

I wanted to run

Away or towards him

Hugging him like I used to

Forgiving and forgetting

It aches, somewhere in there

Inside the walls 

Of my photographic memory

Fearing and loathing the existence

Of me

And my nose

But I need it

Whatever happens

I need to breathe.


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